"I am sleeping better, thinking clearer, have less back pain and no breathing problems."
— Tara B.
"I had long-term health issues; some I'm sure I was never aware of or had never surfaced symptomatically, that are being reversed. Chronic back pain due to injury has virtually been eliminated. I am able to rise to the challenges of life with my power turned on!"
— Wil S.
"Over the course of the last year and a few months, the pain in my upper back and neck has improved dramatically. Thank you Dr. Jason. I am so grateful for gentle chiropractic."
— Anonymous
"I have more energy and fewer headaches."
— Debbie R.
"My skin is a bit less oily and my blackheads have dried up quite a bit. My posture is better. I don't have nearly as bad sugar and junk food cravings, with better appetite control. My upper back doesn't hurt as bad at work. I can get much deeper breaths in. I always feel great after adjustments!"
— Ginger L.
"I’m the '1 in 1000' 60 yr. olds who is free of medications. Dr. Jason’s regular weekly adjustments remove any nerve interferences. I feel “life” flowing through my body and I have no headaches anymore!! I keep very active, love life, love God and my family. I am so thankful for Dr. Jason and Robyn and Staff! Healing truly comes “From Above, Down, Inside, and Out”. Thank you!"
— Rosemary
"My left shoulder and right elbow have greatly improved and are not sore as much. The exercises Dr. Jason gives you really help. I also have better job performance."
— Elaine T.
"My hands are no longer numb. The pain in my left leg is 95% gone. I no longer get headaches. I sleep WAY better now."
— Tricia D.
"My neck rarely hurts and my lower back pain has subsided substantially."
— Bonnie K.
"Better breathing definitely, no more pain in my left hip, and less pain in my right knee. Way less infections of the sinus and lungs, and I sleep more soundly"
— Violet K.
"No more headaches! Thank you"
— Shannon S.
"The PAIN is gone! Since coming to see Dr. Jason I have noticed that the pain in my arm is gone and also in my shoulder is most of the time much better."
— Henk Z.
"I walk more straight, the discomfort I have had in my neck for over twenty years is lessening."
— Colin B.
"Hardly waking up with headaches from my neck anymore. Less pain in my right shoulder, easier to get comfortable to sleep at night, and less pain in knees."
— Susie
"I can now move my arm and shoulder and I am sleeping better."
— Ryan
"I am feeling less anxious."
— D.D.
"Sleep is better! I feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthier than I did when I first arrived at IOCC."
— Kate P.
"My neck no longer crunches or grinds and I have much fuller range of movement. My legs don't ache as often and when they do, not as intensely. Headaches have lessened in frequency and intensity and my jaw doesn’t pop or seize as much"
— Sherry
"I sleep better and have much more energy. My body is stronger and I have the ability to work out for longer periods."
— Kate
"I have noticed that I am breathing better, there is less pain in my lower back and hip, and when I sleep I am having a deeper sleep."
— Anonymous
"I have a lot less feet, hip, and back pain."
— Jordana
"I'm balanced; I can walk without pain in my hips."
— Colleen
"My hands are no longer numb. The pain in my left leg is 95% gone. I no longer get headaches. I sleep WAY better now."
— Tricia D.
"My daughter sleeps well, has more energy and seems less stressed about school."
— Kiva
"More energy and resilience while dealing with busy schedules at work (especially coaching)!"
— Robert
"Elbow tennis problem is better, less pain."
— Lizyanet
"I have less upper back and hip pain. I sleep better and have more energy."
— Marilyn B.
"I started coming because of migraines and neck pain and now my headaches are less frequent and my neck pain is gone! A nice, warm and friendly place to come."
— Bernice
"My 8 month old son had severe reflux and was losing weight. He cried all the time and move his upper and lower body together. He now has no reflux, is happier, has better coordination and is crawling at 10 months."
— Kimberly
"I have less sinus trouble and when my back gets sore I recover much faster now. I have more energy and a better range of motion."
— Jonathan S.
"I have better sleeps and my neck pain has reduced significantly. My ankle is almost 100% and my body is responding better while training. It feels like less stress on my hamstrings, which is awesome!"
— Blair M.
"I have better posture, less strain and tension in my neck, less headaches and less sinus problems."
— Danielle
"When my wrists are very painful and my shoulders and my back aching... a few adjustments from Dr. Jason and my body feels almost new..."
— Patricia T.
"My headache doesn't come as often anymore and I have noticed a big difference in my lower back."
— V.B.
"When a husband lives in pain the marriage suffers in vain. With Dr. Jay's Godly fingers, our marriage's fun and growing stronger."
— Merlina H.
"I have better posture and I have to work less "hard" to bring my shoulders, upper neck, and back into proper alignment. I have also had no relapses of back pain or spasms."
— Fiona W.
"Way better breathing while running! :)"
— Zoey L.
"I have much less allergies. Thanks."
— Georgia
"I have had headaches daily since I was 14 years old and I am now 25. Since seeing Dr. Jason I have very seldom headaches and my neck doesn't hurt anymore. My experience with Inside Out Chiropractic has been wonderful. It is the first place to take away my headaches!"
— Holly S.
"Before seeing Dr. Jason I could barely sleep through the night because my back was too sore (I have had back pain since childhood). But since coming in I have less back pain, less headaches, I sleep a lot better and playing piano is easier."
— Amanda H.
"I have much more energy and not as much back pain or neck stiffness"
— Kevin
"More strength in left arm/shoulder, better posture, overall wellness"
— Jason
"I have been feeling 90% better. Very little coughing, better breathing, more energy, no pain in my hip (which one chiropractor had diagnosed as a serious condition). I'm so thankful for Dr. Jason, his family and the wonderful caring staff. May the Lord bless you all abundantly forever."
— V. K.
"My 4 year old daughter had a deep, harsh cough for about 6 weeks. Since starting care at Inside Out, Kenna is no longer coughing! After 1 week or 3 adjustments her cough was totally gone."
— Dale
"My migraines only last a few hours now instead of a few days. My left shoulder pain is also gone. I can sleep on my left side again."
— Signe C.
"I can work again! I had an injury that has been gradually improving to the point that I can go back to work when I really wondered if that would ever be possible. I have more energy and less pain overall!"
— Sharon
"As soon as my newborn started getting adjustments at 2 weeks old, she was less fussy, slept better, was less gassy, she was much happier and was also able to turn her head to the left easier than before."
— Carrie
"My lower back and hips no longer hurt, more energy, no digestive problems"
— Brett N.
"I can sit and stand without pain in my lower back and my intense periodic headaches are gone. I feel less stressed, more patience and have more energy."
— Warren
"More energy, fewer headaches"
— Krysa S.
"I feel alive again! I have 1000% more energy - I am enthusiastic about starting each day as my chronic pain has greatly diminished. Don't walk - RUN to this office!"
— Marilyn
"I have more energy, less depression, and my shoulder pain is almost gone. I just feel better and have a more positive outlook on life."
— Louis L.
"I've had more energy and it is always growing"
— Jayeson A.
"I used to have headaches 2-3 times a month due to stress, now I have NONE! I also have much less pain, especially no shoulder pains and much less neck pain. The numbness in the heel of my foot is not nearly as bad, I sleep much sounder and feel more rested, AND I have less stress and feel more relaxed."
— Jack W.
"I have less back pain, greater flexibility and mobility, especially in my lower back and ankle."
— Ron
"I have better mobility and reduced leg and foot swelling."
— Bryan H.
"I can now move my arm and shoulder and I am sleeping better."
— Ryan