Breast Cancer

I first came into care because I had swelling in my calves and feet; there were days I couldn't work. Once I started care, the swelling went down, I had more mobility, and I was happier. Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After I had surgery to remove the lumps and lymph nodes in my arm, I began radiation. My energy levels dropped, I had a lot of swelling in my arm, I had less mobility. I continued care here and I was doing the exercises he recommends. I improved quickly. I was able to relax and feel calm. I have full mobility of my arm where I should have half. My doctor was amazed at my improvement. This journey has taken place over 6 months and I think it would've been longer if I wasn't coming in getting chiropractic care.


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"Hardly waking up with headaches from my neck anymore. Less pain in my right shoulder, easier to get comfortable to sleep at night, and less pain in knees."
— Susie