Bulging Disc



I am so thankful for my chiropractor, Dr. Jason.  In 2005 I started to have pain in my lower back radiating down my leg.  I had great trouble driving and even riding in the car as it made my pain worse.  I couldn’t even sit in church; I would have to stand in the back. I even cancelled my holidays in July that year as I was going to drive to Minnesota for my High School graduation 50th reunion.

I kept going back to my medical doctor and finally he said we would do an MRI.  The same week I started going to Dr. Jason. I wanted to know if he could help me. After my neurological exam he told me I had a bulging disc and that he could help.  So I started treatment.  Also that week I had my MRI and my medical doctor said I had a bulging disc.  He told me there was nothing he could do but give me pain killers. 

I did not take pain killers but continued with chiropractic care.  The third week my husband noticed I was feeling better as I hadn’t complained, I had been walking straighter and I was able to sit through church services. 

It was then that I realized I was feeling great! I decided I COULD go to Minnesota for my reunion!! I had no pain the whole trip and have never had back pain and leg pain since.  I have had a miracle!  I now go to Dr. Jason on a regular basis for maintenance care.




Walking without a cane!



I first started coming to see Dr. Jason at inside-Out Chiropractic Center out of desperation and on the advice of a friend who see’s Dr. Jason. An MRI revealed a pinched nerve and a small tear a disc in my lower back. I was in constant pain for five months and medication did nothing to relieve the pain. I was using a cane and a walker at the time, and everyday tasks were impossible.

After receiving my specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustments it took a while before I noticed a change in my pain level. Gradually it began to decrease so that I could walk without the cane or the walker. Each day since then, I have had steady improvement in tackling everyday tasks. I am now, five months later, back to my walking routine.

What I want to tell others about Inside-Out Chiropractic is that if you are skeptical about chiropractic treatment as I was, give Dr. Jason a try. He is caring and encouraging as is his staff. My life is back on track because Jesus, as the great physician used Dr. Jason’s hands to facilitate my healing.

"Sleep is better! I feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthier than I did when I first arrived at IOCC."
— Kate P.