Low Back Injury



In 2001 I was working in the Leduc Community Hospital Emergency Room and I had an accident at work that ended up tearing my low back in half. I did extensive physio and massage therapy for a little over a year in order to re learn how to walk and perform everyday daily living functions. In 2006 I had a re-injury to my low back as my back never healed as strong as it was prior to my first injury.  It was this second injury that I was told I had bilateral disc herniations at the L4-L5 levels and spinal stenosis. Again I went through months of therapy to result in a moderate recovery. In October of 2009 I had my third back injury when I slipped on the back deck and landed on my buttock. I could not stand up and was stuck in a forward bent position. I called my therapist whom I worked with twice before and she said she would be happy to get me in December 3rd. That was too long to wait for help when I was stuck in a bent position!!

A friend of mine had come for dinner a couple of weeks earlier and told me about Inside Out Chiropractic Center and Dr. Jason so I called the office and the girls booked me in to see Dr. Jason right away.

After only one week of Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustments I was standing up right. I had 3 more weeks of coming in 3 times a week as Dr. Jason recommended and one day I was standing at the counter and suddenly realized that I had no back pain.  This was amazing for me as I had not gone without back pain for 9 years.  Now my husband and children come in regularly, my extended family & my church friends and family see Dr. Jason regularly.

I tell everyone about the benefits of Specific Scientific Chiropractic Care because;

I KNOW it will help improve the quality of life for anyone.

Bulging Disc



I am so thankful for my chiropractor, Dr. Jason.  In 2005 I started to have pain in my lower back radiating down my leg.  I had great trouble driving and even riding in the car as it made my pain worse.  I couldn’t even sit in church; I would have to stand in the back. I even cancelled my holidays in July that year as I was going to drive to Minnesota for my High School graduation 50th reunion.

I kept going back to my medical doctor and finally he said we would do an MRI.  The same week I started going to Dr. Jason. I wanted to know if he could help me. After my neurological exam he told me I had a bulging disc and that he could help.  So I started treatment.  Also that week I had my MRI and my medical doctor said I had a bulging disc.  He told me there was nothing he could do but give me pain killers. 

I did not take pain killers but continued with chiropractic care.  The third week my husband noticed I was feeling better as I hadn’t complained, I had been walking straighter and I was able to sit through church services. 

It was then that I realized I was feeling great! I decided I COULD go to Minnesota for my reunion!! I had no pain the whole trip and have never had back pain and leg pain since.  I have had a miracle!  I now go to Dr. Jason on a regular basis for maintenance care.




Walking without a cane!



I first started coming to see Dr. Jason at inside-Out Chiropractic Center out of desperation and on the advice of a friend who see’s Dr. Jason. An MRI revealed a pinched nerve and a small tear a disc in my lower back. I was in constant pain for five months and medication did nothing to relieve the pain. I was using a cane and a walker at the time, and everyday tasks were impossible.

After receiving my specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustments it took a while before I noticed a change in my pain level. Gradually it began to decrease so that I could walk without the cane or the walker. Each day since then, I have had steady improvement in tackling everyday tasks. I am now, five months later, back to my walking routine.

What I want to tell others about Inside-Out Chiropractic is that if you are skeptical about chiropractic treatment as I was, give Dr. Jason a try. He is caring and encouraging as is his staff. My life is back on track because Jesus, as the great physician used Dr. Jason’s hands to facilitate my healing.

"When my wrists are very painful and my shoulders and my back aching... a few adjustments from Dr. Jason and my body feels almost new..."
— Patricia T.